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**News**: quick_orm is fully compatible with the newest SQLAlchemy 0.7.8.
Python ORM framework which enables you to get started in less than a minute!
Super easy to setup and super easy to use, yet super powerful!
You would regret that you didn't discorver it earlier!
- quick: you could get and play with it in less than a minute. It couldn't be more straightforward.
- easy: you don't have to write any SQL statements, including those "create table xxx ..." ones.
- simple: the core code counts only {{ lines_count }} lines including comments and pydocs, there is no room for bugs.
- free: released under BSD license, you are free to use it and distribute it.
- powerful: built upon SQLAlchemy and doesn't compromise its power.
- support relationships by means of python decorators.
- support table inheritance in a most natural way.
- support multiple databases: you can map your models to many databases without difficulty.
- write less, do more: taking advantage of python metaclass reduces data modeling code dramatically.
- long-term maintained: Continous efforts are taken to improve and maintain it.
Quick Start
pip install quick_orm
Refer to the following examples to write your own database manipulation code.
{{ examples }}
Examples from real life
- Everblog_ is a personal blogging platform taking advantage of evernote, it chooses quick_orm as its ORM framework. Refer to `everblog's database model file`_ for more detail.
.. _Everblog:
.. _`everblog's database model file`:
If you know any other successful stories about quick_orm, do tell me and I will list them above.
Where to learn more about quick_orm?
As said above, quick_orm is built upon SQLAlchemy. quick_orm never tries to hide SQLAlchemy's flexibility and power. Everything availiable in SQLAlchemy is still available in quick_orm.
So please read the documents of SQLAlchemy, you would learn much more there than you could here.
Read quick_orm's source code, try to improve it.
You wanna involve?
quick_orm is released under BSD lisence.
The source code is hosted on github:
quick_orm is built upon SQLAlchemy - the famous Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper. All of the glory belongs to the SQLAlchemy development team and the SQLAlchemy community! My contribution to quick_orm becomes trivial compared with theirs( to SQLAlchemy).
Comments, suggestions, questions, free beer, t-shirts, kindles, ipads ... are all welcome!
todo list
#. full text search. (class decorator for model?)
#. orm for nosql? such as this one:
#. ref_grandchildren can't access some attributes of grandchildren. for example: everblog project: tag.blog_entrys.lang report an error.
#. generate visual charts according to model. It is good for analyzing and demonstrating.
#. multiple many_to_many between two models
#. make table name customizable
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