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A RESTful CRUD controller for FuelPHP.
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For the most part, HTTP verbs map directly to functions (e.g. GET /controllername => function get()). The client can choose the return format by specifying an extension (see the documentation for Controller_Rest in FuelPHP).

GET requests can invoke one of three methods.

  • When one or more arguments are specified, it will invoke get(...).
  • When no arguments are specified, it will invoke get_list($page) (falling back to get(...)). Page is automatically populated from the "page" GET paramater (defaulting to 0) if you want to use pagination.
  • When the search GET paramater is populated, it will invoke get_search($query, $page), falling back to get_list($page), and finally get(...).


To invoke get_list with a non-default return format, you need to add a slash after the controller name. (e.g. /controllername/.json). To remove this requirement (e.g. enable /controllername.json), add this route:

'(:alnum).(:alpha)' => '$1/.$2',
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