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April 10, 2020 — I'm archiving this repository. I used to be really proud of Goodness. It was one of my first "real" projects. It probably helped me reach some achievements in high school, and it boosted my confidence as a programmer.

I sold it long ago. I'm afraid that the new owners just wanted to use it to push ads on people. To those people, I'm sorry. I didn't know that would happen when I sold it. I hope it didn't hurt anyone too much.

Archiving repository.

An extension for Chrome (Safari coming soon)


Why is Goodness blocking something I didn't tell it to?

That's hard for me to say. Examine your configured filters (in Edit Mode, on the Goodness Options page) and try to determine what could be triggering the filter.

Can I set the filter to run only during certain times?

Sorry, that's the job of a productivity-boosting filter. While Goodness is in the Productivity category, its duty is to be a morale-boosting filter. Blocked terms are blocked, period.

Can I set Goodness to always trust certain websites, like Gmail?

We're working on adding a url whitelist. Stay tuned.


  • Updated for Manifest V2 -- improved security, longevity

  • Added the Add Mode feature
  • Fixed some potential stability issues
  • Improved code maintainability

  • Fixed a critical bug and restored functionality


The new home for Goodness — both Chrome and Safari.



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