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Build hue histograms and color pies from png files.
Latest commit 152433e @tylerneylon Fix #2; accept a numslices command-line parameter.
This enables a user to customize the number of slices shown in a
pie-style color histogram. The default value is 5.  All old color pies
had 5 slices as a previously built-in constant.

This is a python script to generate hue histograms and color pies from color png images. Some sample output of this script is explained here:


  1. Install pypng from here:

  1. Install pycairo from here:

  1. Download or clone the python script from this github page:


./ [options] <input png> <output png>

For example, if you have a file named myImg.png, you could generate a color pie with surrounding hue histogram with this command:

./ -mboth -s600x600 myImg.png myHueHist.png

For more usage details, type:

./ -h
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