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wj (work journal)

wj is a python script to help track your progress on all work projects.

It is meant as a thin layer on top of a brief text-based journal.

A single page for every year

The primary objective is to make it easy to see at a glance what I have been working on lately. The long-term vision is to produce a single page, year-long summary consisting of 52 sentences, one per week.

The motivation for this is to give me a bird's eye view of my own progress that is hard to see on a daily basis. It's nice to gain perspective on where I'm gaining or losing momentum, as well as to keep an eye out for lower priority projects that are eating up too much time.

Support for the 7date calendar

Most people use the traditional Gregorian calendar. However, I'm a fan of the 7date calendar which is more mathematically consistent. You can use wj with the 7date calendar by changing the timeMode setting of Greg to 7date in the file ~/.wj/config.

In case the 7date calendar is new to you: