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Gondolin ZSH

gondolin-zsh is a ZSH theme designed around a git-focused workflow. It is inspired by the gondolin theme built for the elvish prompt.

theme screenshot

Currently it shows:

  • Current working directory
  • Current Git branch and rich repo status in prompt readline.
    • ? — untracked changes;
    • + — uncommitted changes in the index;
    • ! — unstaged changes;
    • » — renamed files;
    • — deleted files;
    • § — unmerged changes;
    • — ahead of remote branch;
    • — behind of remote branch;
    • — diverged changes.
  • Current Git SHA
  • Colorized time since last commit
  • A red marker () if last command exits with non-zero code.


Install using antigen

Just add antigen theme tylerreckart/gondolin-zsh to your zshrc.

Install using oh-my-zsh

First, clone the repository into Oh-My-Zsh's themes directory.

$ git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/gondolin-zsh

You'll then need to select this theme in your ~/.zshrc.

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