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Telegram security camera bot using Nx Witness
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A Telegram bot, paired with Nx Witness, providing motion-event and on-demand camera snapshots.

This project accompanies a blog post outlining the concept and implementation details of this bot.

The Wiki contains helpful guides for setting up Telegram and Nx Witness to work with NxBot.

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NxBot is made available as a Docker container. It's packaged as a standalone binary, see Dockerfile for build the process.


docker create \
--name=nxbot \
-e NX_IP_PORT=<nx-server-ip>:<port> \
-e HTTP_IP_PORT=<http-ip-port> \
--expose <http-port> \
-e TG_TOKEN=<telegram-bot-token> \
-e TG_USER_WHITELIST=<whitelist-ids> \
-e TG_GROUP_WHITELIST=<whitelist-ids> \
-e TG_MOTION_RECIPIENTS=<recipient-ids> \


All parameters are required, except for TG_USER_WHITELIST, TG_GROUP_WHITE_LIST and TG_MOTION_RECIPIENTS. It is, however, highly suggested that you use these lists, as refusal to do so leaves your bot open to the public.

  • -e NX_IP_PORT= - The IP and port of the Nx Server. The port is typically 7001, on a standard install
  • -e NX_USER= - The user account to the Nx Server. Any account with desired bot accessible camera access
  • -e NX_PASS= - The password for the above user account.
  • -e HTTP_IP_PORT= - The IP and port the container listens on for motion events. Typically the IP will be or left blank, for all interfaces (e.g. ":8012")
  • --expose <http-port> - It's required to expose the above in typical Docker systems. Alternatively you can use the -p <port>:<port> syntax if desired
  • -e TG_TOKEN= - The Telegram Bot token See the Wiki for help setting up a Telegram Bot
  • -e TG_USER_WHITELIST= - A list of Telegram users IDs allowed access to use the bot See the Wiki for more help
  • -e TG_GROUP_WHITELIST= - A list of Telegram group IDs allowed access to use the bot See the Wiki for more help
  • -e TG_MOTION_RECIPIENTS= - A list of Telegram users or group IDs to receive motion event messages See the Wiki for more help

Running the bot

Starting NxBot:

docker start nxbot

You can see status and any potential errors with the bot by accessing its log:

docker logs nxbot

You may find errors or warnings pointing out issues with the above environment variables or invalid credentials to Nx and/or Telegram.

When successfully started, the bot will report:

Starting Nx Telegram Bot and motion HTTP server


  • To monitor the logs of the container in realtime: docker logs -f nxbot
  • There's a dedicated blog post over on Medium about this project
  • Detailed information about NxBot and for help setting up Telegram can be found on the Wiki
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