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Now Emails

Instantly deploy an email delivery API to now.


now -e AUTH_EMAIL=email@gmail.com -e AUTH_PASSWORD=supersecret tylersnyder/now-emails

By default, the API will use Gmail as the service provider. To use a different provider, specify a SERVICE_PROVIDER:

now -e SERVICE_PROVIDER=Hotmail -e AUTH_EMAIL=email@hotmail.com -e AUTH_PASSWORD=supersecret tylersnyder/now-emails

To learn more about supported service providers, read more at nodemailer.com


Emails can be sent by making a POST request to your service. The body of this request should include:

  "to": "test@email.com",
  "subject": "sending emails",
  "text": "hello world!",
  "html": "hello <b>world</b>!",
  "from": "Myself <myself@domain.com>" // optional

You can specify text, html, or both. The from address is optional, but keep in mind Gmail does not allow you to overwrite the sender adress. Gmail will however use the display name, in this case Myself.