A framework for keeping Vagrantfiles consistent between projects
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Vagrant Framework:

  • A VM Provider and Provisioning tool to help with local/cloud development, deployment and testing.
  • Use cases:
    • Develop automation scripts locally, switch to test in the cloud.
    • Deploy a group of servers at a time to AWS, bring down as a group.
  • Prerequisites:
  • Setup:
    • Create project workspace: mkdir -p /path/to/my/project
    • Clone this framework: git clone https://github.com/tylerwalts/framework-vagrant.git
    • CD to this framework: cd framework-vagrant
    • Install this framework to your project: ./install.sh /path/to/my/project
    • (optional) Cleanup this framework: rm -rf framework-vagrant
  • Usage:
    • All commands below assume your current working directory (cwd) is at the root of your project.
    • Develop Locally:
      • Launch local test: vagrant up
      • Use local test: vagrant ssh
      • Kill local test: vagrant destroy
    • Test in AWS:
      • Launch AWS: vagrant up --provider aws
      • Use AWS: vagrant ssh
      • Kill AWS: vagrant destroy
    • Switch list of nodes to use:
      • Set env flag: export nodes=myList
      • Or, edit Vagrantfile ~ line 20 marked by ### List of Nodes ### to comment/uncomment
      • Or, create a new list in tools/vagrant/nodeLists/ and do one of above

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