Realtek RTL8192CU driver for Linux 3.8 kernel with patches from OpenElec. This supports the D-Link DWA-131 Rev. B1 Wireless N Nano USB Adapter.
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Realtek RTL8192CU driver with patches from OpenElec ( Builds under Linux 3.8 kernel.

Installation Instructions

NOTE: This assumes you already have DKMS installed.

  1. Get the driver from GIT.

cd /usr/src sudo git clone rtl8192cu-

  1. Add the driver source to the DKMS work folder.

sudo dkms add rtl8192cu/

  1. Build the driver.

sudo dkms build rtl8192cu/

  1. Install it.

sudo dkms install rtl8192cu/

Other Notes

  1. To uninstall the driver from your current kernel.

sudo dkms uninstall rtl8192cu/ -k uname -r

  1. To build a source-only .deb package for Ubuntu.

sudo dkms mkdeb --source-only rtl8192cu/

  1. To completely remove the driver from DKMS under all kernels.

sudo dkms remove rtl8192cu/ --all