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jsGB: A GameBoy emulator in JavaScript
jsGB is an interpretive emulator of the GameBoy, designed to be run from
within a web browser. Yes, it's written in JavaScript.
Current status:
- The emulator is currently hard-coded to load a particular ROM; it should
be possible at some point to develop a fancy dialog for display and
loading of the ROMs available at the server.
- CPU: Emulated, including the CB-page opcodes. There are likely to be
opcodes in the standard lists that are missing, and the "undocumented"
ops will be missing.
- Graphics: Backgrounds and sprites emulated, windows missing.
- Keypad: Working.
- Timer: Untested.
- Interrupts: VBlank and timer emulated.
- Sound: Missing.
Tested browsers:
- FireFox 3.6
- Opera 10
- Pan/ATX, nocash et al: Padocs DMG specification document
- Sean Young, Vrije University: Z80 opcode map
- Mostek Inc: Z80 timings
- Pat Fagan: Diffsheet from Z80 to GameBoy Z80
- Kevin Matney, UIUC: Microscopic dump of DMG BIOS
- Arvidsson, Eklund, Murphy: ExCanvas for IE
- Andy Na: XHR binary file transfer
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