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Command-execute is a plugin for Pidgin and Finch which lets you execute a command on either every new IM received or on every conversation update. It can also act on new chat messages.

A conversation update is triggered everytime a message is received which you did not see yet. For example that applies for messages which occur in a window which is in the background of Finch.


Just put the file into your Pidgin/Finch plugin directory. Normally this is ~/.purple/plugins/ or /usr/lib/pidgin/.

If this does not work for you, you maybe have to compile the plugin yourself:

gcc command-execute.c -O2 -Wall -fpic `pkg-config --cflags glib-2.0` -I/path/to/your/libpurple/headers -shared -o


  • Provide .so files for every platform.

  • Provide a feature which makes passing arguments like $msg for message or $sender for the id of the sender possible. This is already implemented in the develop branch. I wouldn't recommend using it though since I hadn't time yet to test it and make sure the feature doesn't raise security vulnerabilities.