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Transifex Adofex

Transifex Adofex still is a project to provide a web service to localize legacy Mozilla extensions (XPI, pre-Firefox 57). It is a set of Transifex addons and few views, and relies on forked Transifex instanse.

Installation Instructions

  1. Setup Transifex fork somewhere. This can be either in your Python path or elsewhere:

    mkdir ~/devel
    cd ~/devel
    git git clone -b adofex git://
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Make sure the 'TX_ROOT' config option points to your upstream Transifex project directory.

    You may configure your project by editing the files in the 'settings' directory. Files matching the pattern settings/*-local.conf are ignored by Mercurial.

    Example: Create a config file to be executed before the base config file, and if needed, one executed afterwards. Here's an example of a '09-base-local.conf' file:

    TX_ROOT = '~/devel/transifex/transifex'
  1. Create symlinks media in adofex pointing to transifex's media and templates:

    cd adofex
    ln -s ~/devel/transifex/transifex/static
    ln -s ~/devel/transifex/templates templates/transifex
  2. Finally setup your DB, and run your project as described in the Installation Instructions:

    ./ syncdb --noinput
    ./ migrate
    ./ txcreatenoticetypes
    ./ txlanguages
    ./ mzlanguages
    ./ mzcreatenoticetypes
    ./ check_permissions
    ./ collectstatic

    To enable registered users create projects, you have to give permission "Can add project" to the 'registered' group

That's it!

Downloading resources

Command-Line Tool

Allows you interact with Adofex without visiting the site. Adofex needs a little improved Transifex client, please see


A system for translating mozilla addons online




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