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About Adofex

Adofex, son of Transifex, is a translation service suited for translating Mozilla Addons.

Features for localizers

  • Nice online editor
  • Easy offline editing though downloading and uploading files
  • Global teams
  • XPI repacking
  • No language duplication

Importing your addon

Download all localization files in ZIPs, urls are:

  • /projects/p/{PROJECT_SLUG}/r/all-resources/download/

  • /projects/p/{PROJECT_SLUG}/r/all-resources/download/skipped/ (untraslated strings are empty)

  • /projects/p/{PROJECT_SLUG}/r/all-resources/l/{LANG_CODE}/

  • /projects/p/{PROJECT_SLUG}/r/all-resources/l/{LANG_CODE}/skipped/ (untraslated strings are empty)

It is possible to get your data from BabelZilla, use Import tab. Currently only directory structure of /{LANG_CODE}/*.[dtd|properties] are supported, more complex directory support is planned.

The Client

If you like your command line, whether you are developer or localizer - we have you covered. Adofex has a command-line client, with which you can push and pull data and do other manipulations on your resources, see article Transifex Client.

Installing on Linux

Source is available at GitHub, install with

pip install git+https://github.com/tymofij/transifex-client.git@adofex#egg=transifex-client