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NERDtree + ack.vim
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NERDtree + Ack.vim

This plugin add capability to search in folders via NERDtree. The search use ack.vim from the master branch ( This is ripped off from NERDTree & ack plugin by Tudor Barbu. It just doesn't fit my taste, so, yeah.

How to Install

  1. Install ack.vim first from Or you can use my branch whose behavior is IMHO more NERDtree-friendly.
  2. Copy the plugin file to your .vim/plugin directory, or install via pathogen/vundle

How to Use

  1. Open NERDtree
  2. Point to a directory
  3. Press ms
  4. Enter search term (e.g. control\ panel -i)
  5. Profit!


  1. Doesn't change current open buffers! This feature is what necessitate the use of latest ack.vim
  2. Uses ack.vim syntax:
    1. Use \ to write a space (e.g. control\ panel)
    2. Or enclose the term in quotes (e.g. "control panel")
    3. The default behavior is case sensitive. Use -i params for case insensitive (e.g. "control panel" -i)
  3. Uses ack.vim buffer behavior
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