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{-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-}
import qualified Data.Time as T
import qualified Data.Time.Clock.POSIX as T
timeToString format time =
T.formatTime T.defaultTimeLocale format time
stringToTime format string =
T.parseTimeM acceptExtraWhitespace
T.defaultTimeLocale format string
acceptExtraWhitespace = False
main =
(now_utc :: T.UTCTime) <- T.getCurrentTime
putStrLn ("Now (UTC): " ++ show now_utc)
(now_posix :: T.POSIXTime) <- T.getPOSIXTime
putStrLn ("Now (POSIX): " ++ show now_posix)
let t1_string = "2038-01-19 03:14:07"
(t1_utc :: T.UTCTime) <-
stringToTime "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" t1_string
putStrLn (show t1_utc)
putStrLn (timeToString "%Y-%m-%d" t1_utc)
putStrLn (timeToString "%I:%M %p" t1_utc)
let (t2_utc :: T.UTCTime) = T.addUTCTime 15 t1_utc
putStrLn (show t2_utc)
putStrLn (show (t1_utc < t2_utc))
let (diff :: T.NominalDiffTime) = T.diffUTCTime t2_utc t1_utc
putStrLn (show diff)
let (t1_posix :: T.POSIXTime) = T.utcTimeToPOSIXSeconds t1_utc
putStrLn (show t1_posix)
putStrLn (show (T.posixSecondsToUTCTime t1_posix))
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