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What Changed?

Added ⭐️

  • In addons, ember-cli-typescript now installs itself into dependencies regardless of what ember install command you use. [#623]

Breaking 💥

  • No longer adds the Babel class properties plugin. This is a fix for #707, but it will break against ember-cli-babel versions before 7.7.
  • Removes support in the default blueprint for initializing new Module Unification projects, in line with MU's removal from Ember's roadmap in favor of other directions. Existing MU projects should continue to build and typecheck according to the local tsconfig.json. (#826)
  • Drops support for Node 6.


Thanks to #623, whether in an app or an addon you can simply run:

ember install ember-cli-typescript@latest

Contributors 🙇

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release in any way! In randomly shuffled order:

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