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Document Driven Typedesign
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Building DDT requires a working install of Node.js and npm.

Clone the GitHub repository and switch to the master branch:

$ git clone
$ cd ddt
$ git checkout master

Install project dependencies from npm:

$ npm install

Install Gulp globally:

$ npm install -g gulp

Build DDT and run a server to serve up the built files:

$ gulp
$ gulp server

This will serve DDT on http://localhost:8080 on your computer. Products of the build are placed in the build/ directory.

All development happens on the master branch. The gh-pages branch is used to publish the work in progress version of DDT to GitHub Pages. See

To publish a fresh build of DDT to GitHub Pages, you can use the gh-pages Gulp task:

$ gulp gh-pages

This will git stash your current work in progress, create a fresh build of DDT using your current HEAD, and push it to the gh-pages branch.

Layout of the Source Tree

  • The ddt/ directory is the root of the source tree.
  • ddt/app/ contains code for the main views within DDT. Each of these views is mapped to a route.
  • ddt/lib/services/ contains services, and ddt/lib/directives/ contains directives.
  • vendor/ contains third party libraries that are not available on npm.
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