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How You Can Help

Non-code contributions

  • If you'd like to edit/update the documentation, submit a Pull Request
  • If you'd like to start a dialog, post a new Discussion
  • If you'd like to assist other users of jquery-csv, answer qustions on StackOverflow
  • If you'd like to promote this project, write articles or blog posts and link back to the project

Code Contributions

  • If you'd like to add a new example or test, submit a Specification
  • If you'd like to propose a new feature, submit a Feature request


  • Follow the Forking Workflow
    1. Fork the project
    2. Clone your fork
    3. Add a remote pointing to the origin repo
    4. Create a new feature branch
    5. Checkout the feature branch
    6. Commit your changes
    7. Rebase your changes onto the latest w/ git pull --rebase
    8. Post a PR comparing origin/master to the fork/feature
  • Provide tests where applicable
  • Provide documentation updates that apply to the changes
  • Follow the current style of the project


  • Group multiple features into a single PR
  • Co-mingle whitespace changes with code changes
  • Make superficial changes (ie style/structure) to existing code
  • Make API breaking changes unless they're clearly documented in a Specification
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