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@@ -9,18 +9,21 @@ All languages will be referenced by their IANA language subtags. See
Each language's data will be contained in a standalone YAML file contained in
the data directory of this project.
-Each yaml file will have the following keys:
+Each yaml file will have the following keys (and should be saved in
-* version (currently 1)
+* version (currently 2)
* codepoints (currently a list of ranges or a single glyph see data/en for an example)
+* anglicized_name (the language name in English)
+* native_name (the name of the language in the language)
## Contributing
* Fork speakeasy
* Create a topic branch - `git checkout -b my_lang`
* Create data/my_lang
* Verify it's correctly formatted - `rake test[my_lang]`
-* Verify it has all the characters you want - `rake visualize[my_lang];open my_lang.html`
+* Verify it has all the characters you want - `rake visualize[my_lang]`
* Push to your branch - `git push origin my_lang`
* Create a github pull request.
* That's it!

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