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Kitgen is an example Typekit API client. It can be used to generate new kits from the command line.

Kitgen requires "curb", a Ruby HTTP client library. To install it, run:

$ sudo gem install curb

To use Kitgen, call the script with a user token and a font family description:

$ kitgen --token=4d6141e7c82cb30affebcc392abc2ce3ab0ea4c1 droid-sans:n4,n7
Kit created; id is zzw0mki

By default it will create a kit called "localhost" serving fonts for "http://localhost", this can be overridden:

$ kitgen --token=4d6141e7c82cb30affebcc392abc2ce3ab0ea4c1 \
         --name="My Kit" \ \
         droid-sans:n4,n7 droid-serif:i4
Kit created; id is zzw0mki

Pass a debug flag to see the API calls made:

$ kitgen --token=4d6141e7c82cb30affebcc392abc2ce3ab0ea4c1 \
         --debug droid-sans:n4
debug: parsed options
debug:   token is 4d6141e7c82cb30affebcc392abc2ce3ab0ea4c1
debug:   name is localhost
debug:   domains are localhost
debug:   families are droid-sans:n4
debug: making GET request to
debug:   response is 302 {"family":{"id":"gkmg","link":"/api/v1/json/families/gkmg"}}
debug: processed families are gkmg:n4
debug: making POST request to
debug:   post data is domains=localhost&name=localhost
debug:   response is 200 {"kit":{"id":"zzw0mki","name":"localhost","analytics":true,"badge":true,"domains":["localhost"],"families":[]}}
debug: making POST request to
debug:   post data is variations=n4
debug:   response is 200 {"family":{"id":"gkmg","name":"Droid Sans","css_names":["droid-sans-1","droid-sans-2"],"subset":"default","variations":["n4"]}}
Kit created; id is zzw0mki

To help understand the details of using the Typekit API all the code is in a single file, and is heavily documented.

Documentation on the Typekit API is available from

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