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Added documentation to help with development

Very helpful for those without ruby experience.
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@@ -119,13 +119,24 @@ Please open [an issue][issues]. Sample pages are greatly appreciated.
Is there something else WebFont Loader should do? Did you find a bug and want
to fix it?
+### Building
+Run rake:
+ rake
### Testing
+You can run uncompressed, debuggable code by starting the demo server in dev mode:
+ rake demodev
WebFont Loader has an extensive test suite that runs via
[jsTestDriver][jstestdriver]. Please add tests for any changes.
-To run tests, first boot the test server. This open a browser
-and start listing for test executions. You can register multiple browsers.
+To run tests, first boot the test server. Then open a browser and navigate to
+the test server url listed by `rake test` to start listing for test executions.
+You can register multiple browsers.
rake test:boot

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