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Learn more about [events][evt].
+## Manage loading everywhere
+Usually, it's easiest to include a copy of webfontloader in every window where
+fonts are needed, so that each window manages its own fonts. However, if you
+need to have a single window manage fonts for multiple same-origin child windows
+or iframes that are built up using JavaScript, webfontloader supports that as
+well. Just use the optional `context` configuration option and give it a
+reference to the target window for loading:
+ <script>
+ WebFont.load({
+ google: {
+ families: ['Droid Sans']
+ },
+ context: frames['my-child']
+ });
+ </script>
## A common ground
WebFont Loader aims to provide a common interface for font loading. Today it
-works with Google, Typekit, Web fonts and your own CSS. Learn more in
+works with Google, Typekit, Ascender, Fontdeck, Web fonts and your own
+CSS. Learn more in [transitions][trn].
## More to see
@@ -125,11 +142,11 @@ Then, run the tests.
* That's it!
## Authors
* Ryan Carver /
* Jeremie Lenfant-engelmann /
+* Sean McBride /
## License

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