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Fixes a typo in the docs changes.

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commit e8c7744bbfc7f672e23fbb6e0acc812c7ef5ca21 1 parent d20d43a
Sean McBride authored
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2  docs/
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ Here's an example of CSS classes over multiple loads:
* The `html` element has `wf-active wf-droidsans-n4-active`
* Droid Sans n7 is subsequently requested
* The `html` element has `wf-active wf-loading wf-droidsans-n4-active
- wf-droidsans-n7-active`
+ wf-droidsans-n7-loading`
* Droid Sans n7 is detected as active
* The `html` element has `wf-active wf-droidsans-n4-active
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