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Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. Release 1.0.31

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Merge pull request #62 from typekit/improve_weight_style_parsing

    Sean McBride authored
    Changed the way the variation is parsed to properly handle every variation
Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. @jeremiele
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. Release 1.0.30

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Merge pull request #60 from cbosco/global_options

    Sean McBride authored
    Global options
  3. Merge pull request #61 from typekit/windows-phone

    Sean McBride authored
    Recognize Windows Phone 8 devices correctly
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. Add the ability to detect Windows Phone devices

    Sean McBride authored
Commits on Aug 8, 2012
  1. Replace string literal 'WebFont' global with the globalName variable …

    Chris Bosco authored
    …from initialize.js
Commits on Jul 26, 2012
  1. Release 1.0.29

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Merge pull request #58 from typekit/fallback_fonts_scaleback

    Sean McBride authored
    Fallback fonts scaleback
  3. Merge pull request #57 from typekit/urlbuilder_cleanup

    Sean McBride authored
    Updated FontApiUrlBuilder to properly take into account empty variations...
  4. Merge pull request #56 from typekit/sm-mobile-browser-support

    Sean McBride authored
    Additional mobile browser detection
Commits on Jul 25, 2012
  1. Ensure that Opera Mini is NOT detected as supporting web fonts

    Sean McBride authored
    While Opera Mobile supports web fonts and is like a mobile version of full
    desktop Opera, the Opera Mini application doesn't currently support web fonts
    and also follows a different versioning system separate from the main Opera
    version. Thus, we should treat Opera Mini as a separate browser for the
    purposes of web font support, and make sure that we don't return false
    positives for support as well.
  2. Add a user agent test for Opera Mobile on Android

    Sean McBride authored
Commits on Jul 18, 2012
  1. @jeremiele
  2. @jeremiele
Commits on Jul 17, 2012
Commits on Jun 4, 2012
  1. Release 1.0.28

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Merge pull request #52 from typekit/chrome-os-support

    Sean McBride authored
    Add support for detecting Chrome OS with the user agent parser
Commits on May 24, 2012
Commits on Apr 20, 2012
  1. Release 1.0.27

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Merge pull request #50 from typekit/sm-domhelper-update

    Sean McBride authored
    Remove UserAgent from DomHelper, replace with feature detection
Commits on Apr 19, 2012
  1. Fix type union syntax for Closure compiler

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Use a "feature detect on first call" style to avoid constructor DOM

    Sean McBride authored
    This is a less onerous way to avoid DOM construction caused by the DomHelper
    constructor. We make a method to check if a feature is supported and memoize
    the value the first time it's called.
  3. Move feature detection out of the constructor

    Sean McBride authored
    Otherwise, the JS can't run in environments that don't have a DOM
    implementation, which makes things difficult.
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. Remove UserAgent from DomHelper, replace with feature detection

    Sean McBride authored
    UserAgent was required to construct a DomHelper, but the only thing it was
    used for is in setStyle to determine if we're in an old IE and need to use a
    different approach. I was using DomHelper in some code and finding it cumbersome
    to have a UserAgent instance around as well. This goal is better accomplished
    with a feature-detection approach anyway.
    I've replaced the UserAgent arg with feature detection for getting/setting the
    style attribute. This is a very similar approach to the one that jQuery uses to
    detect the same feature.
    This has the added side-effect of allowing many of the modules to no longer
    construct a UserAgent instance using the parser, since they only used it for the
    DomHelper, which simplifies things.
Commits on Feb 15, 2012
  1. Release 1.0.26

    Sean McBride authored
  2. Merge pull request #47 from typekit/compiler_update

    Sean McBride authored
    Compiler update
  3. @jeremiele

    Fixed js compiler warnings.

    jeremiele authored
  4. @jeremiele

    Updated js compiler and Rakefile since the output_wrapper_marker flag…

    jeremiele authored
    … has been removed. Since we were using the default marker anyway removing this flag is not an issue.
  5. Merge pull request #46 from typekit/plus_sign_in_family

    Sean McBride authored
    Updated the Google Web Fonts API parser to accept family names with a plus sign
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