Adding suppport for "Optimizing your font requests (Beta)" #75

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This is for #49

@bramstein bramstein and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Dec 29, 2012
@@ -63,5 +64,9 @@ = function() {
url += '&subset=' + this.subsets_.join(',');
+ if (this.text_.length > 0) {
+ url += '&text=' + escape(this.webSafe(this.text_));
bramstein Dec 29, 2012 Typekit member

Could you change escape to encodeURIComponent?

vitalyvolkov via email Dec 29, 2012
Typekit member

The changes look good. I've made a small comment, and I would also like to see one or two tests for this new feature in the test suite.


You don't need the call to webSafe. encodeURIComponent will take care of encoding spaces (and I assume Google's API supports percent encoded spaces as well.)

Typekit member

Minor nitpicking, but aren't the last two tests redundant? They seem to test parts of the code that you didn't modify. Perhaps you could add a test that explicitly tests that &text=... isn't added when an empty string is given?

Typekit member

Looks good to me. How about you @seanami?


Yeah, it looks good to me too. Maybe someone from Google take a look since it's their module?

@bramstein bramstein merged commit 8fc28e1 into typekit:master Jan 21, 2013
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