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Langar is a one-weight Latin-Gurmukhi display font based on informal, playful letterforms. It broadly follows the ‘upright-italic’ style of Latin fonts, experimenting with and introducing a similar style for the Gurmukhi script. Langar's harmonised Latin-Gurmukhi design aims to expand the possibilities for both the general user and the specialised designer working with bilingual texts by providing a good quality display option. The design specifically caters to characterful display at larger sizes, providing a contrasting secondary style to most text typefaces generally available for Latin-Gurmukhi texts.


Download the latest release ZIP from

Unzip the file and install only one of the font files (OTF or TTF.)


The Langar project is led by Typeland.

Typeland is an independent type foundry specialising in creating original designs for a wide range of scripts. Taking an utterly indulgent approach, we believe in creating typefaces that we thoroughly enjoy crafting and would greatly enjoy using – in other words, we design unapologetically to remedy boredom and neutrality. Typeland offers retail fonts as well as custom services.

To learn more, visit


This project is available under the SIL Open Font License. For more details please see OFL.txt