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A complete toolkit for building scalable React apps with Typescript.


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TypeScript + React Hooks + RxJS = 😻

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Required peer dependencies: react@^16.8 and rxjs^@6

npm i typeless
yarn add typeless

Why Typeless?

Creating scalable React apps with TypeScript can be painful. There are many small libraries that can be combined, but none of them provide a complete solution for building complex applications.
typeless provide all building blocks: actions creators, reducers, epics with a minimal overhead of type annotation.


  • Designed for TypeScript and type safety. Only minimal type annotations are required, all types are inferred where possible.
  • Simple and developer friendly syntax with React hooks.
  • Event-driven architecture using RxJS.
  • Reducers and epics are loaded dynamically in React components. There is no single reducers.ts or epics.ts file.
  • Code splitting for reducers and epics work out of the box.
  • HMR works out of the box.

Quick start