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alexandru opened this Issue Dec 5, 2017 · 1 comment


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alexandru commented Dec 5, 2017

Currently map is defined like this:

  final def map[B](f: A => B): IO[B] =
    this match {
      case Pure(a) => try Pure(f(a)) catch { case NonFatal(e) => RaiseError(e) }
      case ref @ RaiseError(_) => ref
      case _ => flatMap(a => Pure(f(a)))

Unfortunately this map operation is not equivalent with a flatMap(f.andThen(pure)) because by not suspending execution it can trigger stack overflow errors.

As use-case, here's a toy Iterant implementation:

import cats.effect.IO

sealed trait Iterant[+A] {
  override def toString = "Iterant"

case class Next[+A](head: A, rest: IO[Iterant[A]]) extends Iterant[A]
case class Suspend[+A](rest: IO[Iterant[A]]) extends Iterant[A]
case class Halt(ex: Option[Throwable]) extends Iterant[Nothing]

// And a filter operation
def filter[A](f: A => Boolean)(stream: Iterant[A]): Iterant[A] =
  stream match {
    case Next(a, rest) => 
      val tail =
      if (f(a)) Next(a, tail) else Suspend(tail)
    case Suspend(rest) =>
    case Halt(_) => 

The filter is pretty straightforward. Now lets build an already evaluated stream and filter it:

val stream = (0 until 1000000).foldLeft(Halt(None) : Iterant[Int]) { 
  (acc, elem) => Next(elem, IO.pure(acc)) 

filter((x: Int) => x % 2 == 0)(stream)
//=> StackOverflowException

Currently this filter operation blows with a StackOverflowException.

Why this is bad

Having users to remember which operations are safe and which operations can blow up in their face and in what contexts makes for a really bad user experience. should be equivalent with io.flatMap(x => pure(f(x))) in all contexts, safety comes before performance.

Also monix.tail.Iterant is a real example shipping in Monix 3.0 which is generic over F[_] data types, making use of cats.effect.Sync.

So I'd like a test for this to be in SyncLaws.


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mpilquist commented Dec 5, 2017

Nice catch, I definitely agree this should be fixed.

I don't have a strong opinion on whether this should be in SyncLaws or in a unit test for IO.

@mpilquist mpilquist closed this in fad700d Dec 14, 2017

mpilquist added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 14, 2017

Merge pull request #96 from alexandru/issue-92-map-laws
Fix #92: should suspend evaluation
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