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package cats
package data
import cats.Contravariant
import cats.arrow.FunctionK
* `F` on the left and `G` on the right of `scala.util.Either`.
* @param run The underlying `scala.util.Either`.
final case class EitherK[F[_], G[_], A](run: Either[F[A], G[A]]) {
import EitherK._
def map[B](f: A => B)(implicit F: Functor[F], G: Functor[G]): EitherK[F, G, B] =
run match {
case Right(ga) => Right(
case Left(fa) => Left(
* Modify the right side context `G` using transformation `f`.
def mapK[H[_]](f: G ~> H): EitherK[F, H, A] =
def coflatMap[B](f: EitherK[F, G, A] => B)(implicit F: CoflatMap[F], G: CoflatMap[G]): EitherK[F, G, B] =
run match {
case Right(ga) => Right(G.coflatMap(ga)(x => f(rightc(x))))
case Left(fa) => Left(F.coflatMap(fa)(x => f(leftc(x))))
def coflatten(implicit F: CoflatMap[F], G: CoflatMap[G]): EitherK[F, G, EitherK[F, G, A]] =
run match {
case Right(ga) => Right(G.coflatMap(ga)(x => rightc(x)))
case Left(fa) => Left(F.coflatMap(fa)(x => leftc(x)))
def extract(implicit F: Comonad[F], G: Comonad[G]): A =
run.fold(F.extract, G.extract)
def contramap[B](f: B => A)(implicit F: Contravariant[F], G: Contravariant[G]): EitherK[F, G, B] =
run match {
case Right(ga) => Right(G.contramap(ga)(f))
case Left(fa) => Left(F.contramap(fa)(f))
def foldRight[B](z: Eval[B])(f: (A, Eval[B]) => Eval[B])(implicit F: Foldable[F], G: Foldable[G]): Eval[B] =
run.fold(a => F.foldRight(a, z)(f), a => G.foldRight(a, z)(f))
def foldLeft[B](z: B)(f: (B, A) => B)(implicit F: Foldable[F], G: Foldable[G]): B =
run.fold(a => F.foldLeft(a, z)(f), a => G.foldLeft(a, z)(f))
def foldMap[B](f: A => B)(implicit F: Foldable[F], G: Foldable[G], M: Monoid[B]): B =
run.fold(F.foldMap(_)(f), G.foldMap(_)(f))
def traverse[X[_], B](g: A => X[B])(implicit F: Traverse[F], G: Traverse[G], A: Applicative[X]): X[EitherK[F, G, B]] =
x =>,
x =>
def isLeft: Boolean =
def isRight: Boolean =
def swap: EitherK[G, F, A] =
def toValidated: Validated[F[A], G[A]] =
* Fold this eitherK into a new type constructor using two natural transformations.
* Example:
* {{{
* scala> import cats.arrow.FunctionK
* scala> import
* scala> val listToOption = λ[FunctionK[List, Option]](_.headOption)
* scala> val optionToOption =[Option]
* scala> val cp1: EitherK[List, Option, Int] = EitherK.leftc(List(1,2,3))
* scala> val cp2: EitherK[List, Option, Int] = EitherK.rightc(Some(4))
* scala> cp1.fold(listToOption, optionToOption)
* res0: Option[Int] = Some(1)
* scala> cp2.fold(listToOption, optionToOption)
* res1: Option[Int] = Some(4)
* }}}
def fold[H[_]](f: FunctionK[F, H], g: FunctionK[G, H]): H[A] =
run.fold(f.apply, g.apply)
object EitherK extends EitherKInstances {
def leftc[F[_], G[_], A](x: F[A]): EitherK[F, G, A] =
def rightc[F[_], G[_], A](x: G[A]): EitherK[F, G, A] =
final class EitherKLeft[G[_]] private[EitherK] {
def apply[F[_], A](fa: F[A]): EitherK[F, G, A] = EitherK(Left(fa))
final class EitherKRight[F[_]] private[EitherK] {
def apply[G[_], A](ga: G[A]): EitherK[F, G, A] = EitherK(Right(ga))
def left[G[_]]: EitherKLeft[G] = new EitherKLeft[G]
def right[F[_]]: EitherKRight[F] = new EitherKRight[F]
sealed abstract private[data] class EitherKInstances3 {
implicit def catsDataEqForEitherK[F[_], G[_], A](implicit E: Eq[Either[F[A], G[A]]]): Eq[EitherK[F, G, A]] =
implicit def catsDataFunctorForEitherK[F[_], G[_]](implicit
F0: Functor[F],
G0: Functor[G]
): Functor[EitherK[F, G, *]] =
new EitherKFunctor[F, G] {
implicit def F: Functor[F] = F0
implicit def G: Functor[G] = G0
implicit def catsDataFoldableForEitherK[F[_], G[_]](implicit
F0: Foldable[F],
G0: Foldable[G]
): Foldable[EitherK[F, G, *]] =
new EitherKFoldable[F, G] {
implicit def F: Foldable[F] = F0
implicit def G: Foldable[G] = G0
sealed abstract private[data] class EitherKInstances2 extends EitherKInstances3 {
implicit def catsDataContravariantForEitherK[F[_], G[_]](implicit
F0: Contravariant[F],
G0: Contravariant[G]
): Contravariant[EitherK[F, G, *]] =
new EitherKContravariant[F, G] {
implicit def F: Contravariant[F] = F0
implicit def G: Contravariant[G] = G0
sealed abstract private[data] class EitherKInstances1 extends EitherKInstances2 {
implicit def catsDataCoflatMapForEitherK[F[_], G[_]](implicit
F0: CoflatMap[F],
G0: CoflatMap[G]
): CoflatMap[EitherK[F, G, *]] =
new EitherKCoflatMap[F, G] with EitherKFunctor[F, G] {
implicit def F: CoflatMap[F] = F0
implicit def G: CoflatMap[G] = G0
sealed abstract private[data] class EitherKInstances0 extends EitherKInstances1 {
implicit def catsDataTraverseForEitherK[F[_], G[_]](implicit
F0: Traverse[F],
G0: Traverse[G]
): Traverse[EitherK[F, G, *]] =
new EitherKTraverse[F, G] with EitherKFunctor[F, G] {
implicit def F: Traverse[F] = F0
implicit def G: Traverse[G] = G0
sealed abstract private[data] class EitherKInstances extends EitherKInstances0 {
implicit def catsDataComonadForEitherK[F[_], G[_]](implicit
F0: Comonad[F],
G0: Comonad[G]
): Comonad[EitherK[F, G, *]] =
new EitherKComonad[F, G] with EitherKFunctor[F, G] {
implicit def F: Comonad[F] = F0
implicit def G: Comonad[G] = G0
private[data] trait EitherKFunctor[F[_], G[_]] extends Functor[EitherK[F, G, *]] {
implicit def F: Functor[F]
implicit def G: Functor[G]
override def map[A, B](a: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: A => B): EitherK[F, G, B] =
private[data] trait EitherKContravariant[F[_], G[_]] extends Contravariant[EitherK[F, G, *]] {
implicit def F: Contravariant[F]
implicit def G: Contravariant[G]
def contramap[A, B](a: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: B => A): EitherK[F, G, B] =
private[data] trait EitherKFoldable[F[_], G[_]] extends Foldable[EitherK[F, G, *]] {
implicit def F: Foldable[F]
implicit def G: Foldable[G]
def foldRight[A, B](fa: EitherK[F, G, A], z: Eval[B])(f: (A, Eval[B]) => Eval[B]): Eval[B] =
def foldLeft[A, B](fa: EitherK[F, G, A], z: B)(f: (B, A) => B): B =
override def size[A](fa: EitherK[F, G, A]): Long =, G.size)
override def get[A](fa: EitherK[F, G, A])(idx: Long): Option[A] =, G.get(_)(idx))
override def foldMap[A, B](fa: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: A => B)(implicit M: Monoid[B]): B =
private[data] trait EitherKTraverse[F[_], G[_]] extends EitherKFoldable[F, G] with Traverse[EitherK[F, G, *]] {
implicit def F: Traverse[F]
implicit def G: Traverse[G]
override def map[A, B](a: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: A => B): EitherK[F, G, B] =
override def traverse[X[_]: Applicative, A, B](fa: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: A => X[B]): X[EitherK[F, G, B]] =
private[data] trait EitherKCoflatMap[F[_], G[_]] extends CoflatMap[EitherK[F, G, *]] {
implicit def F: CoflatMap[F]
implicit def G: CoflatMap[G]
def map[A, B](a: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: A => B): EitherK[F, G, B] =
def coflatMap[A, B](a: EitherK[F, G, A])(f: EitherK[F, G, A] => B): EitherK[F, G, B] =
override def coflatten[A](fa: EitherK[F, G, A]): EitherK[F, G, EitherK[F, G, A]] =
private[data] trait EitherKComonad[F[_], G[_]] extends Comonad[EitherK[F, G, *]] with EitherKCoflatMap[F, G] {
implicit def F: Comonad[F]
implicit def G: Comonad[G]
def extract[A](p: EitherK[F, G, A]): A =