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This roadmap is produced based on Cats ecosystem community survey 2018 results - See #2719

Overall strategy

A Cats 2.0 is released earlier in the year without any breaking changes on most modules except cats-laws and cats-testkit. We then start branching to allow the master branch to drop Scala 2.11 in Q2, but maintain a dedicated scala2_11 branch to continue support Scala 2.11 until near the end of 2019. During this period, we are going to backport incoming changes from master to the scala2_11 branch in a Scala 2.11 BC way. We will try to maintain as much as possible use site source compatibility between on Scala 2.11 code and Scala 2.12+ - but they will be source incompatible - mostly methods added to traits in 2.12 will only be available in 2.11 code in new XXXXBinCompatN traits. During this period, we'll release Cats on scala 2.12+ and 2.11 from two different branches.

The followings are the steps in each quarter.


Release 1.6 [already done]

Release 2.0: This is not the Cats 2.0 we’ve been discussing in the past. Most modules remain fully binary compatible with Cats 1.x on all Scala versions. The only breaking changes are:

  • Scalacheck 1.13, update to Scalacheck 1.14
  • breaking changes for Cats-laws


Start a Scala 2.11 dedicated branching scheme:

  • Branch master - drops Scala 2.11, maintains is BC with 1.x
  • Branch scala2_11 - Scala 2.11 code New changes to master have to be ported to branch scala2_11 in a 2.11 BC compatible way and try to maintain as use site source compatible as possible - e.g. a new type class method added to master is added to a syntax trait method in scala2_11 branch.

Release Cats 2.1 RC1 on both Scala 2.11 and Scala 2.12+

Note that 2.11 and 2.12+ code are NOT source compatible with each other, however, they will still maintain source compatibility with 2.0 and 1.x.

Release Cats 2.1 RC2

Release Cats 2.1


Release Cats 2.2

Release Cats 2.3


Release Cats 2.4 - last release on Scala 2.11

Stops actively maintaining scala2_11 branch

Release Cats 2.5 without scala 2.11

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