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Find file Copy path
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package cats
* A type class to provide textual representation. It is meant to be a
* better "toString". Whereas toString exists for any Object,
* regardless of whether or not the creator of the class explicitly
* made a toString method, a Show instance will only exist if someone
* explicitly provided one.
trait Show[T] extends Show.ContravariantShow[T]
* Hand rolling the type class boilerplate due to scala/bug#6260 and scala/bug#10458
object Show {
def apply[A](implicit instance: Show[A]): Show[A] = instance
trait ContravariantShow[-T] extends Serializable {
def show(t: T): String
trait Ops[A] {
def typeClassInstance: Show[A]
def self: A
def show: String =
trait ToShowOps {
implicit def toShow[A](target: A)(implicit tc: Show[A]): Ops[A] = new Ops[A] {
val self = target
val typeClassInstance = tc
/** creates an instance of [[Show]] using the provided function */
def show[A](f: A => String): Show[A] = new Show[A] {
def show(a: A): String = f(a)
/** creates an instance of [[Show]] using object toString */
def fromToString[A]: Show[A] = new Show[A] {
def show(a: A): String = a.toString
final case class Shown(override val toString: String) extends AnyVal
object Shown {
implicit def mat[A](x: A)(implicit z: ContravariantShow[A]): Shown = Shown(
final case class ShowInterpolator(_sc: StringContext) extends AnyVal {
def show(args: Shown*): String = _sc.s(args: _*)
implicit val catsContravariantForShow: Contravariant[Show] = new Contravariant[Show] {
def contramap[A, B](fa: Show[A])(f: B => A): Show[B] =
show[B](( _).compose(f))
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