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package cats
package object data {
type NonEmptyStream[A] = OneAnd[Stream, A]
type ValidatedNel[+E, +A] = Validated[NonEmptyList[E], A]
type IorNel[+B, +A] = Ior[NonEmptyList[B], A]
type IorNec[+B, +A] = Ior[NonEmptyChain[B], A]
type IorNes[B, +A] = Ior[NonEmptySet[B], A]
type EitherNel[+E, +A] = Either[NonEmptyList[E], A]
type EitherNec[+E, +A] = Either[NonEmptyChain[E], A]
type EitherNes[E, +A] = Either[NonEmptySet[E], A]
type ValidatedNec[+E, +A] = Validated[NonEmptyChain[E], A]
def NonEmptyStream[A](head: A, tail: Stream[A] = Stream.empty): NonEmptyStream[A] =
OneAnd(head, tail)
def NonEmptyStream[A](head: A, tail: A*): NonEmptyStream[A] =
OneAnd(head, tail.toStream)
type NonEmptyMap[K, +A] = NonEmptyMapImpl.Type[K, A]
val NonEmptyMap = NonEmptyMapImpl
type NonEmptySet[A] = NonEmptySetImpl.Type[A]
val NonEmptySet = NonEmptySetImpl
type NonEmptyChain[+A] = NonEmptyChainImpl.Type[A]
val NonEmptyChain = NonEmptyChainImpl
type ReaderT[F[_], A, B] = Kleisli[F, A, B]
val ReaderT = Kleisli
type Reader[A, B] = ReaderT[Id, A, B]
object Reader {
def apply[A, B](f: A => B): Reader[A, B] = ReaderT[Id, A, B](f)
type Writer[L, V] = WriterT[Id, L, V]
object Writer {
def apply[L, V](l: L, v: V): WriterT[Id, L, V] = WriterT[Id, L, V]((l, v))
def value[L: Monoid, V](v: V): Writer[L, V] = WriterT.value(v)
def tell[L](l: L): Writer[L, Unit] = WriterT.tell(l)
type IndexedState[S1, S2, A] = IndexedStateT[Eval, S1, S2, A]
object IndexedState extends IndexedStateFunctions
* `StateT[F, S, A]` is similar to `Kleisli[F, S, A]` in that it takes an `S`
* argument and produces an `A` value wrapped in `F`. However, it also produces
* an `S` value representing the updated state (which is wrapped in the `F`
* context along with the `A` value.
type StateT[F[_], S, A] = IndexedStateT[F, S, S, A]
object StateT extends StateTFunctions with CommonStateTConstructors0
type State[S, A] = StateT[Eval, S, A]
object State extends StateFunctions
type IRWST[F[_], E, L, SA, SB, A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[F, E, L, SA, SB, A]
val IRWST = IndexedReaderWriterStateT
* Represents a stateful computation in a context `F[_]`, over state `S`, with an
* initial environment `E`, an accumulated log `L` and a result `A`.
type ReaderWriterStateT[F[_], E, L, S, A] = IndexedReaderWriterStateT[F, E, L, S, S, A]
object ReaderWriterStateT extends RWSTFunctions
type RWST[F[_], E, L, S, A] = ReaderWriterStateT[F, E, L, S, A]
val RWST = ReaderWriterStateT
type ReaderWriterState[E, L, S, A] = ReaderWriterStateT[Eval, E, L, S, A]
object ReaderWriterState extends RWSFunctions
type RWS[E, L, S, A] = ReaderWriterState[E, L, S, A]
val RWS = ReaderWriterState
type Store[S, A] = RepresentableStore[S => ?, S, A]
object Store {
import cats.instances.function._
def apply[S, A](f: S => A, s: S): Store[S, A] =
RepresentableStore[S => ?, S, A](f, s)
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