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package cats
package syntax
abstract class AllSyntaxBinCompat
extends AllSyntax
with AllSyntaxBinCompat0
with AllSyntaxBinCompat1
with AllSyntaxBinCompat2
with AllSyntaxBinCompat3
with AllSyntaxBinCompat4
with AllSyntaxBinCompat5
trait AllSyntax
extends AlternativeSyntax
with ApplicativeSyntax
with ApplicativeErrorSyntax
with ApplySyntax
with ArrowSyntax
with ArrowChoiceSyntax
with BifunctorSyntax
with BifoldableSyntax
with BitraverseSyntax
with SemigroupalSyntax
with CoflatMapSyntax
with ComonadSyntax
with ComposeSyntax
with ContravariantSyntax
with DistributiveSyntax
with ContravariantMonoidalSyntax
with ContravariantSemigroupalSyntax
with EitherKSyntax
with EitherSyntax
with EqSyntax
with FlatMapSyntax
with FoldableSyntax
with FunctorSyntax
with GroupSyntax
with HashSyntax
with InvariantSyntax
with IorSyntax
with ListSyntax
with MonadErrorSyntax
with MonadSyntax
with MonoidSyntax
with OptionSyntax
with OrderSyntax
with ParallelSyntax
with PartialOrderSyntax
with ProfunctorSyntax
with ReducibleSyntax
with SemigroupSyntax
with SemigroupKSyntax
with ShowSyntax
with StrongSyntax
with TraverseSyntax
with NonEmptyTraverseSyntax
with ValidatedSyntax
with VectorSyntax
with WriterSyntax
trait AllSyntaxBinCompat0 extends UnorderedTraverseSyntax with ApplicativeErrorExtension with TrySyntax
trait AllSyntaxBinCompat1
extends FlatMapOptionSyntax
with ChoiceSyntax
with NestedSyntax
with BinestedSyntax
with ParallelFlatSyntax
with SetSyntax
with ValidatedExtensionSyntax
with RepresentableSyntax
trait AllSyntaxBinCompat2
extends ParallelTraverseSyntax
with TraverseFilterSyntax
with FunctorFilterSyntax
with EitherSyntaxBinCompat0
with ListSyntaxBinCompat0
with ValidatedSyntaxBincompat0
trait AllSyntaxBinCompat3 extends UnorderedFoldableSyntax with Function1Syntax
trait AllSyntaxBinCompat4
extends TraverseFilterSyntaxBinCompat0
with ApplySyntaxBinCompat0
with ParallelApplySyntax
with FoldableSyntaxBinCompat0
with ReducibleSyntaxBinCompat0
with FoldableSyntaxBinCompat1
with BitraverseSyntaxBinCompat0
trait AllSyntaxBinCompat5 extends ParallelBitraverseSyntax
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