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package cats
package laws
package discipline
import org.scalacheck.{Arbitrary, Cogen, Prop}
import Prop._
trait FunctorTests[F[_]] extends InvariantTests[F] {
def laws: FunctorLaws[F]
def functor[A: Arbitrary, B: Arbitrary, C: Arbitrary](implicit
ArbFA: Arbitrary[F[A]],
CogenA: Cogen[A],
CogenB: Cogen[B],
CogenC: Cogen[C],
EqFA: Eq[F[A]],
EqFC: Eq[F[C]]): RuleSet =
new DefaultRuleSet(
name = "functor",
parent = Some(invariant[A, B, C]),
"covariant identity" -> forAll(laws.covariantIdentity[A] _),
"covariant composition" -> forAll(laws.covariantComposition[A, B, C] _)
object FunctorTests {
def apply[F[_]: Functor]: FunctorTests[F] =
new FunctorTests[F] { def laws: FunctorLaws[F] = FunctorLaws[F] }
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