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@travisbrown travisbrown released this Aug 26, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

Version 2.0.0-RC2

2019 August 26

Cats 2.0.0-RC2 is the second release candidate for Cats 2.0, and is available for Scala 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, and Scala.js 0.6. This release (like the upcoming 2.0.0) maintains binary compatibility with Cats 1.x.x in the cats-kernel, cats-core and cats-free modules, but not cats-laws, cats-kernel-laws, cats-testkit, or alleycats.

4 source breaking changes

2 bug fixes

9 API/feature enhancements

2 documentation improvements

4 build improvements

Assets 2
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