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@travisbrown travisbrown released this Nov 15, 2019 · 58 commits to master since this release

2019 November 15

This is the first release candidate for Cats 2.1.0. The most significant change since 2.0.0 is that Scala 2.11 is no longer supported on the master branch, which has freed us up to make more significant improvements without breaking binary compatibility. This 2.1.0-RC1 release is currently only published for Scala 2.12 and 2.13, not for 2.11, although that may change.

The release provides the same binary compatibility guarantees as Cats 2.0 (and is verified by MiMa to be fully binary-compatible with 2.0 itself).

There are changes in this release that break source compatibility with 2.0. Most methods that were deprecated in Cats 1.x have been made package-private (which maintains binary compatibility but cleans up the documentation), and cats.instances.parallel imports will need to be rewritten (see #3059 for details).

We don't currently have additional changes planned for 2.1.0, although that may change. If no major issues come up we'll publish 2.1.0 by the end of this month.

Note that this is pre-release software! Please use with care, and let us know if you run into problems.

2 source breaking changes

  • #3154 Make 1.x deprecation targets package-private by @travisbrown
  • #3099 Issue 3059: Move Parallel instances into instance packages for the type constructors they characterize by @barambani

3 bug fixes

25 API / feature enhancements

12 documentation improvements

29 build improvements

Assets 2
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