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Scalafix rules for cats

Try this!

Install the scalafix sbt plugin

To run all rules that apply to version 1.0.0-RC1 run

sbt scalafix github:typelevel/cats/v1.0.0?sha=v1.0.0-RC1

to run all rules that apply to the current 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT run

sbt scalafix github:typelevel/cats/v1.0.0

Available rules

  • All Unapply enabled methods, e.g. sequenceU, traverseU, etc. are removed. Unapply enabled syntax ops are also removed. Please use the partial unification SI-2712 fix instead. The easiest way might be this sbt-plugin.

  • The creation methods (left, right, apply, pure, etc.) in EitherT were improved to take less type arguments.

  • EitherT.liftT was renamed to EitherT.liftF

  • the lift method on WriterT, StateT, RWST and Kleisli was renamed to liftF

  • CartesianBuilder (i.e. |@|) syntax is deprecated, use the apply syntax on tuples instead. E.g. (x |@| y |@| z).map(...) should be replaced by (x, y, z).mapN(...)

  • Free.suspend is renamed to Free.defer for consistency.

  • traverse1_, intercalate1 and sequence1_ in Reducible were renamed to nonEmptyTraverse_, nonEmptyIntercalate and nonEmptySequence_ respectively.

  • cats.free.Inject is moved from cats-free to cats-core and renamed to cats.InjectK; cats.data.Prod is renamed to cats.data.Tuple2K; cats.data.Coproduct is renamed to cats.data.EitherK

  • Apply syntax on tuple (e.g. (x, y, z).map3(...)) was moved from cats.syntax.tuple._ to cats.syntax.apply._ and renamed to mapN, contramapN and imapN respectively.

  • Apply methods forEffect and followedBy were renamed to productL and productR respectively. This also effects forEffectEval, followedByEval, forEffectPar, and followedByPar.

  • Split is removed, and the method split is moved to Arrow. Note that only under CommutativeArrow does it guarantee the non-interference between the effects. see #1567


  • cats no longer publishes the all-inclusive bundle package "org.typelevel" % "cats", use cats-core, cats-free, or cats-law accordingly instead. If you need cats.free, use "org.typelevel" % "cats-free", if you need cats-laws use "org.typelevel" % "cats-laws", if neither, use "org.typelevel" % "cats-core".

  • FunctorFilter, MonadCombine, MonadFilter, MonadReader, MonadState, MonadTrans, MonadWriter and TraverseFilter are no longer in cats, the functionalities they provided are inhereted by the new cats-mtl project. Please check here for migration guide.

  • Several cats-core type class instances for cats.kernel were moved from their companion objects to separate traits and thus require imports from cats.instances.xxx._ (or the recommended import cats.implicits._) now. See #1659 for more details.

  • foldLeftM is removed from Free, use foldM on Foldable instead, see #1117 for detail.

  • iteratorFoldM was removed from Foldable due to #1716

To test scala fix

sbt coreJVM/publishLocal freeJVM/publishLocal
cd scalafix
sbt test