Add an `@uninferrable` annotation #17

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I think #14 makes us want to avoid forking scala-library.jar but maybe we can still figure out a way to make this annotation.


I think this is more flexible and useful than #16.


I think this is more flexible and useful than #16.


From #16:

We should be able to add just an annotation without requiring a flag.

But I'd proposing to use it in the std.lib., potentially breaking/revealing bugs in all clients.
Uses only in client software are fine though.


Should it be @NonInferrable or @nonInferrable? I prefer the latter because it's more compatible with the sorts of annotations I'm more familiar with, though I agree there's no consistency.

non commented Sep 5, 2014

How about @uninferrable which dodges the whole question?


Well, there's nothing to stop us using @Uninferrable... but I like your suggestion. I'm changing the ticket.


Ok, I can't do that. But @puffnfresh can.

@puffnfresh puffnfresh changed the title from Add a @NonInferrable annotation to Add a @Uninferrable annotation Sep 5, 2014
@puffnfresh puffnfresh changed the title from Add a @Uninferrable annotation to Add an @Uninferrable annotation Sep 5, 2014
@propensive propensive changed the title from Add an @Uninferrable annotation to Add an `@uninferrable` annotation Sep 6, 2014
@folone folone pushed a commit that referenced this issue Aug 14, 2015
@retronym retronym SI-9425 Leave Companion.apply if constructor is less accessible
Calls to synthetic case class apply methods are inlined to the
underlying constructor invocation in refchecks.

However, this can lead to accessibility errors if the constructor
is private.

This commit ensures that the constructor is at least as accessible
as the apply method before performing this tranform.

I've manually checked that other the optimization still works in other

scala> class CaseApply { Some(42)  }
defined class CaseApply

    scala> :javap -c CaseApply
    Compiled from "<console>"
    public class CaseApply {
      public CaseApply();
           0: aload_0
           1: invokespecial #9                  // Method java/lang/Object."<init>":()V
           4: new           #11                 // class scala/Some
           7: dup
           8: bipush        42
          10: invokestatic  #17                 // Method scala/runtime/BoxesRunTime.boxToInteger:(I)Ljava/lang/Integer;
          13: invokespecial #20                 // Method scala/Some."<init>":(Ljava/lang/Object;)V
          16: pop
          17: return

To resurrect this issue, please rework it as an issue/PR against Lightbend Scala (ie. scala/scala).

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