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A successful open-source project relies upon the community to:

  • discuss requirements and possible designs
  • submit code and tests
  • identify and fix bugs
  • create documentation and examples
  • provide feedback
  • support each other

This file lists the people whose contributions have made Spire possible.

  • Ben Barnard: documentation fixes
  • Luc J. Bourhis: author of spire.matrix.*
  • Brad Buchsbaum: bug fixes
  • Eugene Burmako: macros, tons of macro support, build contributions
  • Franco Callari: author of spire.math.Jet
  • Olivier Chafik: cfor macro assistance, bug fixes
  • Adelbert Chang: bug reports
  • Eric Christiansen: bug fixes
  • Jean-Remi Desjardins: documentation fixes
  • Suminda Dharmasena: feature requests and bug reports
  • Rob Emanuele: cfor macro bug reports and fixes, benchmarking
  • Siddhartha Gadgil: bug fixes
  • ghostroad: extensive fixes and added documentation to spire.math.Sorting
  • Markus Hauck: documentation fixes
  • Christopher Hodapp: documentation fixes
  • Lars Hupel: core maintainer, law-checking, release support
  • Ben Hutchison: bug reports and design suggestions
  • Luka Jacobowitz: bug fixes
  • Stephen Lazaro: definition of left and right modules
  • Sung-Ho Lee: bug fixes
  • Kamushin: bug fixes
  • Rüdiger Klaehn: core maintainer, rational improvements, testing
  • Rex Kerr: author of many of the PRNGs found in spire.random
  • Grzegorz Kossakowski: much build support, 2.11 upgrading help, bug reports
  • Jakub Kozłowski: documentation fixes
  • Christian Krause: suggestions around stats methods and spire.random.
  • Dušan Kysel: author of Ziggurat, MersenneTwister and WELL PRNGs
  • Josh Marcus: bug reports and benchmarking
  • Brian McKenna: documentation fixes
  • Kevin Meredith: bug fixes, bug reports, and documentation
  • Simon Ochsenreither: bug reports and build contributions
  • Erik Osheim: core maintainer
  • Vladimir Pavkin: fixes to Interval
  • Adam Pingel: bug fixes
  • André L. F. Pinto: improve build configuration
  • Pablo Pita: documentation
  • r0estir0bbe: bug fixes
  • Alexey Romanov: add PCG random number generator
  • Denis Rosset: core maintainer, interval fixes, partial algebras/orders, etc
  • Lukas Rytz: bug fixes
  • Kazuhiro Sera: build updates and support
  • Jack Sullivan: literal conversion macros
  • Tom Switzer: core maintainer
  • Flaviu Tamas: byte-manipulation and bounds-checking macros
  • James Thompson: author of spire.math.Polynomial
  • Titorenko: bug fixes
  • Vlad Ureche: specialization support, work on spire-miniboxing
  • Volth: bug reports and feedback around intervals
  • William Waites: bug fixes
  • Jed Wesley-Smith: bug fixes
  • Ryan Williams: bug fixes
  • Kenji Yoshida: bug fixes
  • Benito van der Zander: many bug reports, and much good testing
  • Alec Zorab: clean up and tests

We've tried to include everyone, but if you've made a contribution to Spire and are not listed, please feel free to open an issue or pull request with your name and contribution.

Thank you!

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