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TYPEMILL is ready for use. It already runs several successful websites like, my own special interest website with more than 10% growth each month. But TYPEMILL is also a work in progress and new features are added every few weeks. This is what you can do with TYPEMILL right now:

  • Create a website based on simple folders and markdown-files.
  • Login and use the author panel.
  • Add "admin" users or new "editors" with limited access.
  • Write content with a raw markdown-editor.
  • Write content with a visual markdown editor and with a direct preview of content blocks.
  • Create new pages in the navigation.
  • Reorder pages in the navigation with drag & drop.
  • Upload images
  • Choose themes and plugins with detailed settings.
  • Create your own theme with HTML, CSS and Twig (a template language for PHP).
  • Create your own plugins with PHP.

TYPEMILL scans the content in the content folder and generates a website on the fly. It creates SEO-friendly urls, it adds a full navigation, a breadcrumb, a paging, chapter-numbers, it generates a google sitemap out of the box and much more.

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