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System Requirements

TYPEMILL is a modern and lightweight software with nearly no requirements. All you need is:

  • PHP 7.0+
  • A webserver (Apache)
  • mod_rewrite and htaccess

Almost any hosting package provides a webserver with php. If you ever hosted your own website, then chances are high, that you can run TYPEMILL there without any problems. If you run a linux system, then double check that mod_rewrite and htaccess are active.

You will need an FTP software to upload TYPEMILL to your webserver.

Typemill supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox (heavily tested)
  • Chrome (tested)
  • Edge (basic tests)
  • IE11 (basic tests)
  • Safari (not tested)

I use Firefox and XAMPP for development. If you have problems with other environments, then please let me know and add a new issue on github.

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