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Create And Reorder Pages

You can simply use the navigation on the right side of the author panel to create and reorder new pages. Like on your file system you can choose between a folder and a file. You can also move and re-order items with drag & drop.

Create and reorder pages with TYPEMILL

There are some limitations that you should know:

  • Special characters are not allowed in the navigation.
  • The number of characters is limited to 40 right now.
  • You can move a content file like you want, but you cannot move it to the root level (only folders are allowed there).
  • You can move a folder within the same level, but you cannot move a folder inside another folder.

The reasons for these limitations are obvious: If you move a folder to another folder, then all urls of the folder and its files will change. This is a nightmare for your readers and for search-engines, so we decided to restrict it a bit.

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