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from import addObserver
class MetricsOnTop(object):
def __init__(self):
# add an obserer when a space center did open
addObserver(self, "metricsOnTop", "spaceCenterDidOpen")
def metricsOnTop(self, notification):
# get the window
window = notification["window"]
# get the space center object
spaceCenter = window.getSpaceCenter()
# vanilla rocks!
# get the position of each element
l, t, r, b = spaceCenter.glyphLineView.getPosSize()
ll, tt, rr, bb = spaceCenter.inputScrollView.getPosSize()
tt = abs(tt)
# and use the old positions to reorganise the views
spaceCenter.glyphLineView.setPosSize((l, t+tt+1, r, -0))
spaceCenter.inputScrollView.setPosSize((ll, t, rr, bb))
spaceCenter.hl.setPosSize((l, t+tt, 0, 1))