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  • Fixing bug when adding glyphNames to a formattedString with fontVariation settings.
  • Always set the ligature default to workaround a bug in macOS
  • Improve error messages for ill-specified fonts
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  • Allow Path objects in places where a path is an argument: saveImage(pathObject), image(pathObject, ...)
  • Add support for asyncio by lauching the app with corefoundationasyncio.
  • Remove mov context in favor of mp4 as QTKit is not supported anymore.
  • Always draw a white background while rendering to mp4.
  • Improve reading out and using fonts from disk, use them direclty instead of installing them.
  • Update documentation.
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  • Improve update checker.
  • Fix docs for listOpenTypeFeatures.
  • Add argument while saving an animated gif: loop.
  • Add argument while saving an image: antiAliasing.
  • Improve the difference between kerning (an OpenType feature) and tracking (adding white space between characters).
  • Add textBoxCharacterBounds(text, box) returning a list of typesetted bounding boxes.
  • Improve text(..) typesetting with multiline text and paragraph styles.
  • Add formattedString.url(url).
  • Add linkURL(url, box).
  • Add option continuous in Variable(.., continuous=False).
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  • Update embedded uharfbuzz.
  • Embed setuptool and packaging.
  • Fix drawbot://url/to/
  • Improve tracking documenation.
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  • Fix updater with the correct download link.
  • Allowing external tools to be used inside DrawBot, a notarizing entitlement.
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  • Fully notarized and built with GitHub Actions!!!!
  • Improve pip installer.
  • Support viewBox in svg output.
  • Point attributes of a BezierPath are immutable.
  • Fix bug when an FormattedString contains an empty last line.
  • Don't optimize an empty BezierPath.
  • Improve updater message.
  • Upgrade code editor lexer to python3.
  • Upgrade internal tool potrace and mkbitmap.
  • Add context-specific attributes for BezierPath and FormattedString: svgLink, svgID, svgClass.
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  • Adding bezierPath.expandStroke(width, lineCap="round", lineJoin="round", miterLimit=10) (thanks to Bahman Eslami)
  • Improved internal OpenType feature tags setting
  • Improved complex formattedString type setting
  • Improved alignment with text() and FormattedString
  • Added a DrawBot frontend for pip/PyPI to make it super easy to install third-party packages: see menu Python -> Install Python Packages
  • Fixed text stroke behavior (but is a breaking change): strokeWidth on text no longer scales with the fontSize
  • Removed support for .mov export on 10.15 and up (QTKit is no longer supported there)
  • Fixed extracting single frames from .gif files
  • Improved, so drawbot-as-a-module can be easily installed with pip using a github URL
  • All test now run on Travis CI (and soon also on GitHub Actions)
  • Removed Python 2 code
  • Many small issues were fixed