A multistyle decorative variable font by David Berlow
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A variable decorative sans by David Berlow.

Examples of Decovar

The documentation contains a description of the project and typographic contents of the repo.

The fonts folder of each version contains the FontName-Variations.ttf file, the Variations Font.

The sources folder contains the fonts with axis data in their names, used to create the Variations Font.

Screenshot of Decovar in RoboFont


The Decovar variable font was created with RoboFont and generated using fontTools.

To generate the correct name table, I have customized the standard_axis_map dictionary in fontTools/varLib/__init__.py with the following entries. Hopefully in future versions of fontTools this will be pulled from Decovar.designspace instead.

'WMX2':  ('wght', 'Weight'), 
'BLDA':  ('INLN', 'Inline'), 
'BLDB':  ('WORM', 'Worm'), 
'SKLA':  ('SINL', 'Inline Skeleton'), 
'SKLB':  ('SWRM', 'Worm Skeleton'), 
'SKLD':  ('SSTR', 'Stripes'),
'TRMA':  ('TRND', 'Rounded'), 
'TRMD':  ('TSHR', 'Sheared'), 
'TRMK':  ('TINL', 'Inline Terminal'), 
'TRMF':  ('TOIL', 'Open Inline Terminal'), 
'TRML':  ('TWRM', 'Worm Terminal'), 
'TRMB':  ('TFLR', 'Flared'), 
'TRME':  ('TBIF', 'Bifurcated'),
'TRMG':  ('TSLB', 'Slab'), 
'TRMC':  ('TRSB', 'Rounded Slab'),