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# This import is redundant on Zapier
import requests
class MediumCrosspost:
required_fields = [u"title", u"canonicalUrl", u"integrationToken", u"content"]
query_blacklist = [u"integrationToken"]
def __init__(self, input_data):
self._input_data = None
self._headers = None
self._user_id = None
self.input_data = input_data
def input_data(self):
return self._input_data
def input_data(self, input_data):
self._input_data = input_data.copy()
tags = self._input_data.pop(u"tags", None)
if tags:
# For some reason, we may get a list containing
# a single concatenated string
tags = tags[0] if len(tags) == 1 else tags
if isinstance(tags, str):
self._input_data[u"tags"] = tags.split(u",")
elif not isinstance(tags, list):
self._input_data[u"tags"] = [tags]
def check_fields(self):
for field in self.required_fields:
if not self.input_data.get(field):
raise Exception(u"field {} required as input data".format(field))
def headers(self):
if not self._headers:
self._headers = {
u"Authorization": " ".join(
[u"Bearer", self.input_data.get(u"integrationToken")]
return self._headers
def user_id(self):
if not self._user_id:
# pylint: disable=undefined-variable
response = requests.get(
u"", headers=self.headers
response.raise_for_status() # in case the call fails
self._user_id = response.json()[u"data"][u"id"]
return self._user_id
def query_data(self):
# base values that are needed, but standard
data = {u"contentFormat": u"html", u"publishStatus": u"draft"}
# apply all input data
# override base values, if specified
for key, val in self.input_data.items():
if key not in self.query_blacklist:
data[key] = val
return data
def post(self):
response =
return response.json()
# pylint: disable=invalid-name,undefined-variable
# Zapier has its own way to populate input_data
if "input_data" in locals():
crosspost = MediumCrosspost(input_data)
output =