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Biryani (बिरयानी)

Biryani is a libre font development project. Its fonts are designed in a monolinear, geometric sanserif style. Like several early geometric sans typefaces from the last century, Biryani’s characters have a strong flavor to them; they are more wonky than sterile. Biryani’s fonts are indeed meant for text, just not necessarily for very long, immersive reading-length passages. The letterforms are a bit too “display” for that.

Biryani is available, libre and gratis, from Google Fonts. Both the Devanagari and Latin character sets are oiginal work developed by Dan Reynolds and Mathieu Réguer.

Currently, the Biryani fonts support the Latin and Devangari scripts, meaning that Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali may be set with the fonts, in addition to most Western and Central European languages.

Two folders are hosted here: Font Files and Source Files. The font files folder contain both PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts (.otf) and TrueType-flavored fonts (.ttf). The .ttf-files are auto-hinted with ttfautohint version 1.3. All of the font files will be generated with the Glyphs 2 (beta version) font editing application. The source files folder contain a native Glyphs file as well as UFOs exported from Glyphs.

Biryani’s working name was “Devanagari Three.” All files are offered as-is.


Biryani: a font development project for the Devanagari and Latin scripts




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