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Martel Devanagari (मार्टेल देवनागरी)

Martel is a libre font development project. Begun in 2008 in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, the first weights of the font family (Martel UltraLight, Light, Regular, DemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold and Heavy) were released in 2014. The Devanagari glyphs to-date have all been designed by Dan Reynolds, whereas the Latin script’s glyphs are based on the Merriweather fonts.

Martel Devanagari is available, libre and gratis, from Google Fonts. Check out the Martel Sans project, too.

The Martel Devanagari typeface is designed for typesetting immersive-style documents. It may be be used to set long passages of text in languages that are written in the Devanagari script, including Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit, etc. Martel Devanagari is a readable typeface whose glyph proportions are inspired by traditional writing and calligraphic styles. Its high-contrast strokes have a diagonal axis, in keeping with the pen-angle most often used for the Devanagari writing system.

Two folders are hosted here: Martel Font Files and Martel Source Files. The font files folder contains both PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts (.otf) and TrueType-flavored fonts (.ttf). The .ttf-files have been auto-hinted with the ttfautohint version 1.3 that is embedded in Glyphs 2. All of the font files were generated with the Glyphs 2 font editing application. The source files folder contains a native Glyphs file as well as UFOs exported from Glyphs. These are offered as-is.


Martel, a font development project for the Devanagari script







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