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Martel Sans, a font development project for the Devanagari and Latin scripts


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Martel Sans

Martel Sans is a libre font development project. Currently, support for the Devangari and Latin scripts is offered. The Devanagari character set is a monolinear design based on that from the Martel libre font project. The Latin character set is an original design; it is a humanist-style sans serif. Martel Sans was designed by Dan Reynolds and Mathieu Réguer.

Martel Sans is available, libre and gratis, from Google Fonts.

The Martel Sans typeface is designed for typesetting immersive-style documents. It may be be used to set long passages of text in languages that are written in either the Latin or the Devanagari scripts. This includes Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Nepali and Sanskrit, as well as most European languages. Martel Sans is also quite suitable for use in branding, headlines, or logos.

Martel Sans and Martel

Martel Sans’s Devanagari is designed to be used together with the fonts from the Martel family. Martel’s Devanagari is a very readable – its glyph proportions were inspired by traditional writing and calligraphic styles, and its high-contrast strokes have a diagonal axis, in keeping with the pen-angle most often used for the Devanagari writing system. Martel Sans is much more monolinear in comparison. Pairing the Devanagari character sets of Martel and Martel Sans is similar to the way designers and developers often use serif and sans serif fonts together in the Latin script.


Two folders are hosted here: Martel Sans Font Files and Martel Sans Source Files. The font files folder contain both PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts (.otf) and TrueType-flavored fonts (.ttf). The .ttf-files are auto-hinted with ttfautohint version 1.3. All of the font files will be generated with the Glyphs 2 (beta version) font editing application. The source files folder contain a native Glyphs file as well as UFOs exported from Glyphs.

All files are offered as-is.


Martel Sans, a font development project for the Devanagari and Latin scripts







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